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Welcome to Wholesome Harvest Baking, the leading provider of quality frozen and par-baked products to retail operators and in-store bakeries. From delicious packaged baked goods to custom solutions for private label initiatives, we make it easy for you to offer your customers great tasting baked goods.

Our Mission

Delicious and nutritious baked goods and snacks in the hands of all. A reminder of what our company values and represents is below.

Our Vision

In 2020 we transform the baking industry and expand our global leadership to better serve more customers.

Our Purpose

Build a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company.

Key Capabilities

  1. Our associates’ engagement and commitment to our vision
  2. Enduring meaningful brands
  3. Universal presence with superior execution
  4. Winning innovation in products and processes
  5. Our culture of continuous improvement

Our Beliefs

At Wholesome Harvest Baking, we personally value our company beliefs. We feel that by taking responsibility for our actions and decisions, we are creating a healthier, safer and more unified environment.

The safety of our associates come first. We follow our golden rule treating each other with respect, fairness, trust and care. Everyone has potential: we foster the personal and professional growth of our associates. Diversity enriches us, inclusion makes us stronger.

We are one global company everywhere. We are passionate about what we do, and it shows. We collaborate to break down silos. We make work fun and celebrate our achievements.

We are a hungry and driven team, never satisfied with a sense of urgency. The consumer is our boss; the customer is our partner. We build and nurture brands that connect with customers.

We think, say and do the right thing. We always act in the best interest of Grupo Bimbo. We value each other’s good faith; our behavior builds trust.

We act like owners, focusing on today and tomorrow. We empower: we are and hold each other accountable. We are agile uncovering and capturing opportunities. We can have a “can do” attitude.

We master our trade, executing with precision and excellence. We do not accept waste and unnecessary spending. We get better and learn every day. We value simplicity and adopt new technologies.

Profitable is the oxygen of our business. We drive the marketplace, anticipating and embracing change. We are a force of good in the life of our associates, our society and our planet.


Our Mission statement outlines and represents our company’s purpose and identifies the consumer sector we operate within.  

Our Vision Statement distinguishes and defines the core ideals that shape and direct our company. Additionally, our 2020 Vision statement is in place to be a constant reminder of our company goals. 

The statement representing our company Purpose is to represent the goals and values our company holds itself accountable for outside the ideals of running a business and creating a profit.  For Wholesome Harvest Baking and Grupo Bimbo, the purpose of giving back to the community and creating a socially responsible company is highly valued. 

Our company Beliefs represent the details that create Wholesome Harvest Baking as a whole and make it into the company it is today.  We have several beliefs in place that are constant reminders that we should make the efforts to grow and thrive as a company while giving back to others as often as possible. 

A reminder of what our company values and represents is associated with each bread slice in the image.